Yes - you will be required to provide the following documentation at your intake interview:

  • Identification, Examples: 
    • State Driver's License / Permit / Identification
    • US Passport
    • Military Identification
    • US Permanent Resident Card
    • US Certificate of Naturalization
    • Certificate of Citizenship or Citizenship ID card
  • Two Proofs of Residency, Examples:
    • Current utility bill including landline telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc. (Wireless telephone bills cannot be accepted)
    • Current bank statement (Internet bank statements are acceptable only if taken to the local bank, stamped and dated by teller as an active account. Checks and checkbook information are not acceptable)
    • Current rental/Mortgage contract or receipt including deed of sale for property.
    • Current employer verification of residence address or letter from employer as long as it is on company letterhead with original signature. If employer does not have letterhead then signature of employer must be notarized.
    • Current paycheck/check stub, work ID or badge, if address is included.
    • Current automobile, life or health insurance policy (Wallet Cards cannot be accepted)
    • Current driver license/ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety to a parent, legal guardian or spouse of applicant
    • Current Tennessee motor vehicle registration or title
    • Current Tennessee voter registration
    • Current Internal Revenue Service tax reporting W-2 form within last 12 moanths
    • Receipt for personal property or real estate taxes paid within past last year
    • In case of a student enrolled in public or private school in this state, student may provide a photo student ID and acceptable documentation from the Dean or Bursar Office that the student lives on campus.

    Both items may NOT be from the same source. For example an applicant could NOT use:

    • Vehicle registration and vehicle title for same vehicle or documentation for multiple vehicles
    • Water and Gas bill from the same utility
    • Wireless, Cable and Telephone bills from the same company

    All items are required to be current documents within the past four (4) months.

    • If none of the above are available, a Letter of Support accompanied by two proofs of residency of responsible party.
  • Employment / Income Verification (One of the following)
    • W-2/Paystubs (2 Months Minimum)
    • Unemployment Documentation (2 Months Minimum)
    • Social Security Benefit Documentation (2 Months Minimum)
    • Proof of Enrollment if Full Time Student
    • Letter of Support if unemployed. your social media marketing partner
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