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The new brand identity reflects Meae Wellness’ commitment to improve the health infrastructure of our communities and along with the new name: a new logo and color scheme have also been developed to better illustrate the change within the organization, its programs, and clients just as much as the change within the community we serve. The new tagline "Changing the Way We Think About Wellness" illustrates that Meae Wellness is positioning itself not only to service our clients, but also make impactful change in the communities we serve. Our new logo features an abstract element to not only depict a person in bloom, but also how the world around us affects each and every person.

The new website (, scheduled to launch later this year will seek to increase Meae Wellness’ online presence and help to communicate with current and prospective clients. Until the new website development is completed, a version of the old website will be provided. It is our hope to leverage technology to not only improve communication with our community, but also improve our internal processes.

Over the last few months, CAMTAN’s development team, lead by Chief Development Officer, Jonathan Miller, has worked tirelessly to develop a strong concept to represent the organization in the coming years. The main “flower” element of the new logo was designed by Destiny Maldonado, who brought her skills to the organization as a volunteer after graduating in December of 2017 and serving her internship with CAMTAN. “This rebranding would not have been possible if we didn’t have a team and community of individuals dedicated to the organizations’ mission,” said James Hill, Chief Executive Officer, regarding the multiple members of the organization and community that participated in the development project.

Meae Wellness is a community wellness organization committed to providing wellness education and support services to the people of Clarksville - Montgomery County and ensuring that the leaders of our community are aware of health inequity within our community. Meae Wellness’ programs are designed to educate its citizens, prevent detriment to wellness and injustice when possible, and when needed, intervene to insure comprehensive health. Find more information about how Meae Wellness is shaping the future of health at

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Chief Development Officer
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